First Female Fighter Pilot Of Pakistan Air Force Marium Mukhtiar Shaheed

Pakistan Air Force First Female Fighter Pilot Marium Mukhtiar Shaheed 

Pakistan Air Force Fighter Pilot Maryam Mukhtiar Shaheed

Assalamu Alaikum dear friends!
Pilots of fighter jets have to go through many difficult stages. The training of these pilots begins after passing the initial intelligence and physical tests. All countries give the best training to their fighter pilots. First, they are trained by small planes. After going through many stages in this way, they get access to the fighter plane. It is necessary for the pilot to be perfect in every way.  Because the Air Force is the backbone of any country's defense.

The pilot who flies the fighter jet has no room for error.  As well as the death of a pilot in negligence of armor, the country also has to bear the heavy financial loss.

Pakistan Air Force pilot

The Pakistan Air Force is considered one of the best air forces in the world because of the professionalism and integrity of the Pakistan Air Force. Iqbal's Shaheen is ready to face any situation.  No enemy can escape from the falcons of which the world has seen many examples.

After joining the Pakistan Air Force, pilots are trained to deal with all sorts of situations. It is a fact that one in a million can become a fighter pilot. And if a girl gets the honor of being a fighter Pilot, she will not be an ordinary girl.  Marium Mukhtiar Shaheed was also one of the most capable girls.

Flying Officer Marium Mukhtiar was the brave daughter of Pakistan . Maryam's ability and hard work became Her fighter pilot in the Pakistan Air Force.  Maryam also has the honor of being the first fighter pilot of the Pakistan Air Force to be martyred on duty.

Maryam mukhtiar shaheed

on November 24, 2015, the brave daughter of the nation was sacrificed for her country.
Maryam Mukhtiar Was Born in Karachi on May 18, 1992, her mother Rehana Mukhtiar was a teacher and her father Mukhtiar Ahmed was attached to the Pakistan Army.  Maryam received her early education from Malir Cantt Karachi School and completed her college education in Karachi.  Maryam was a capable and promising student and wanted to do something that would make her country and her parents famous. She had been interested in becoming a pilot since childhood. This passion led them to the Pakistan Air Force.  Maryam worked hard day and night to join the Pakistan Air Force.
 In 2011 Maryam Mukhtiar applied for the 132nd GD Pilot Course of the Pakistan Air Force. Maryam's hard work paid off and her dream came true. May 14, 2014, was the most important day of Maryam's life when she was in Pakistan Air Force Academy Risalpur's Parade Square. After completing the GD Pilot course, Maryam was about to join the ranks of the veterans of the Pakistan Air Force, who narrated timeless stories of bravery in the wars of 1965 and 1971 and made the impossible possible by the grace of Allah. 
From PAF Risalpur, Maryam was sent to MM Alam Air Base for fighter conversion, where she began training On fighter jets.

Maryam mukhtiar shaheed and Squadron leaders Saqib Abbasi

On the morning of November 24, Maryam took an FT-7PG plane with her instructor Squadron Leader Saqib Abbasi on a mission and successfully completed the mission on her way back to Mianwali District near Kundian.
His Aircraft suffered a technical malfunction, which caused it to spiral out of control. Maryam and her instructor tried hard to save the plane, but it was not possible. They had to get off the plane, but there was a human population on the ground below. Everyone loves his life, but only one in millions who save the lives of others by giving own life. Maryam Mukhtiar decided to sacrifice her life.
Squadron leaders Saqib Abbasi and Maryam Mukhtiar not only controlled their nerves but continued to try till the end despite seemingly impossible and managed to evacuate the plane from the ground population. Maryam's instructor SL Saqib Abbasi succeeded in the ejection, but the plane crashed during the ejection of Maryam Mukhtiar was martyred In The Incident.
   اِنَّا لِلّٰہِ وَاِنَّآ اِلَیْہِ رَاجِعُوْنَ

Maryam Mukhtiar Shaheed was awarded From Tamgha-e-Basalat by the Government of Pakistan for her courage and sacrifice for the country.

Tamgha e basalat

May Allah bless Maryam Mukhtiar Shaheed with a high position in Paradise. (Ameen)

Pakistan Zindabad

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