Who Was Ravindra Kaushik? How ISI Captured Indian Spy Agent Major Nabi Ahmad Shakir Complete Story Of Ravindra Kaushik In Urdu Hindi And English

Who Was Ravindra Kaushik? How ISI Captured Indian Spy Agent Major Nabi Ahmad Shakir Complete Story Of Indian Undercover Agent Ravindra Kaushik Who Served In Pak Army By The Name Of Major Ahmed Shakir. 

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Ravindra Kaushik Story In English 

 The Real Story Of Indian Famous Underrcover Agent  Ravindra Kaushik Also Known As Major Nabi Ahmed Shakir. He Was The Most Popular Agent Of Indian Spy Agency Raw. Ravindra,s Also Got The Title Of Black Tiger But Most Of The People Did Not Know The Real Story Of His Life. Therefore Im Writing This Blog About Ravindra Kaushik And Revealed The Real History Of The Most Popular Indian Undercover Agent.

In This Article I Will Cover Below Queries 

*Who is Ravindra Kaushik? 
*How And When Ravindra Join Indian Intelligence Agency Raw? 
*How Ravindra Kaushik Becomes Ahmad Shakir?
*How Ravindra Kaushik Join Pakistani Army And Get The Post Of Major In Pak Army?
*How Pakistan Military intelligence ISI Captured Ravindra Kaushik And His Partner Anayat Masih?
* How Ravidra Kaushik Died And His Last Words For Indian Spy Agency RAw?

Who Was Ravindra Kaushik?
Ravindra Kaushik Was A Resident Of Sri-Kanganagar, A City In The Indian State Of Rajasthan.  Ravindra Has Been Interested In Acting Since School And College Days. He Was Performed Many Theater Plays Due To Superb Acting Skill He Was Famous In The College And Local Area Of Rajistan. 

How Ravindra Join Indian Spy Agency Raw?

Once Ravindra Kaushik Was Gone To Lakhnow For A Teaser Play From His College. In This Show RavindraS Performed Tremendously. By Chance An Indian Intelligence Agency Officer Also There .He Was Very Impressed By Ravindra's Acting Skill. After The Program Ended, He Praised Ravindra's Acting And Asked Him To Come His Office. Due To Ravindra's Artistry, Over Handsome Sellery He Got An Offer To Work For Indian Intelligence Agent RAW. Ravindra Gladly Accepted The Offer. After Graduation, He Joined RAW in 1973.  Initially It Was Used For Small Tasks And Then Considering Ravindra's Ability, After Some Time RAW Gave Him The Task Of Spying In Pakistan. For This Mission Ravindra Was Given Espionage Training For 2 Years . He Was Taught The Skills Of Speaking Urdu And Pakistani Local Languages ​​And The Important Knowledge About Islam.

How Ravindra Kaushik Becomes Ahmad Shakir?

After Completion Of The Training Ravidra Was Ready To Go Pakistan For Spying. Pakistani Passport And Forged Documents Were Prepared. As A Muslim Ravindra,s New Name Choosen Nabi Ahmed Shakir. Few days later After Arrived In Pakistan He Got Addmition In University of Karachi And Began Studying Law To Obtain  LLB Degree.

How Ravindra Kauahik Get A Job In Pakistan Army? 

Ravindra Kaushik First Tried To Get A Commission In Pakistan Armed Forces , But It Was Very Difficult. So He Applied On The Post Of  Clerk In Pak Army He Got A Job Easily Due To His Good Education.Now He Was Working As A Clerk In The Pakistan Army.Rivindra Kaushik Was Serving Smoothly In Pakistan Military Unit. He Was Married With The Tailors Daughter Of His Unit. From Her He Had A Son. After Learning All The Rules And Regulations Of The Pakistan Army, He Applied For A Commission And Passed The Exam.  His Family Was Also Present No One Had The Slightest Doubt About Nabi Ahmad Shakir Reality . Ravindra Progressed To The Rank Of Major In The Pakistan Army.  The Indian Government And RAW Were Very Happy With His Ability And Work. Indian Home Minister FB Chawan Gave Him The Title Of Black Tiger.

How Pakistan Military intelligence ISI Captured Ravindra Kaushik?

It's A True That Don't Be A Show So Much Cleverness. Sometimes  Over Smart Person Fall In A Big Trouble. The Same Thing Happened With The Ravindra Kaushik . He Was Thinking I'm A Master Of Spying And Nobody's Can Caught Me. He Said To His Officials For Sending Another Spy Agent For Collecting More Important And Secret Information Of Pakistan.
In September 1983, Indian Agency RAW Send A Second Spy Inayat Masi To Pakistan. Indian Officials Want To Make Ravindra Kaushik More Stronger Therefore As Partner Of Ravindra Kaushik Inayat Masi Was Sending To Pakistan.
On The Other Side Ravindra Kushik (Major Ahmad Shakir) Was Suspected Suspicious Person During Unit Audit . FIU Team Anonymous Started Investigation About Major Nabi Ahmed Shakir (Ravindra) After Local Investigation FIU Team Informed The ISI (Inter Services Intelligence) That Something Was Wrong With Major Nabi Ahmed Shakir,  The ISI Was Started Chasing Ravindra Kaushik. Pak Army And ISI Is Very Professional And Masters Of All Military And Intelligence Agencies .
ISI Know That Who Was Major Nabi Ahmad Shakir But It Can't Take Any Step Against Ravindra And Waiting For A Chance To Caught Him With Evidence And Get Back To From Him All Secret Information Of Pakistan.
When India Sent Another Spy Inayat Massi To Pakistan, ISI Caught Him From The Airport. Inayat Massi Was Exposed The Reality Of Major Nabi Ahmad Shakir . He Gave All Information To ISI After That Major Nabi Ahmed Shakir Was Arrested.  ISI Get information from Ravindra For 2 Years And In 1985 Ravindra Kaushik (Major Nabi Ahmed Shakir) Was Sentenced To Death By A Pakistani Court. But ISI Did Not Allow Him To Be Hanged .And Then The Punished Of Ravindra Was Changed  Into Life Imprisonment.

        How Ravidra Kaushik Died?

 Ravidra Kaushik Spent 18 Years In Various Jails Of Pakistan November 2001 Ravindra Was Died In Mianwali Central Jail Due To Tuberculosis Heart Disease . He Was Buried In A Backyard Of Multan Jail. Ravidra Kaushik Took A Huge Provision For India And Kept Spying in Pakistan Army But When He Was Caught India Did Nothing For Him  Even Didn't Demand The Dead Body Of Ravidra Kaushik Who Was Sacrificed His Life For India.
During Jail Period Ravidra Kaushik Had Written A Letter To His Family.He Wrote IN The Letter  That India Is A Liar And Cheap Country.Friends This Is The Real Story Of India's Greatest Spy, Undercover Agent Ravindra Kaushik.

Difference Between Pakistan ISI And Other Intelligence Agencies? 

Difference Between Pakistan And All The Other Secret Agencies In The World Is That The Agencies Do Not Tell Their Agents That If You Are Caught, We Could Not Save You. ISI Is The Only Secret Agency In The World Whose Rules Are Very Clearly Tell To His Agents. Pakistani Agents Who, Despite Knowing Everything, Go On Missions Only For The Love And Defense Of The Homeland. The World Is A Witness Many Stories Of Pakistani Sons That Make The Human Soul Tremble. The ISI Markhors Is Called The Last Line Of The Defence Of Pakistan.
 Long Live The Pakistan Army And ISI 

Pakistan Zindabad

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